Kontio Styles


Kontio Styles is our concept of making it easier for you to find out what is that you really want in a log home.

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Kontio Premium style

Premium is the perfect choice for you if you wish to add a touch of prestige and glamour with carefully chosen details. Choose glass, brick, steel or other interior and decorative elements to suit your idea of how to stand out.

Kontio Elegance

Elegance is the style of choice for urban dwellers who wish to complement the warmth of log with joyful colours and modern furnishing solutions. Choose elements that breathe a city-like atmosphere and convey a relaxed yet refined ambiance.


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Kontio Classic Rustic style

Here is a style for you who feel at home in a rustic setting with round shapes and a wealth of decorative items. Make your choice depending on what you feel is right and enjoy the individuality.

 Kontio Classic style

This style comes closest to what traditional log architecture is as reflected in churches or buildings from the days of national romanticism. The interplay of lines and checkered patterns offers possibilities for both traditional and new approaches.

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